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Gauteng City College High School - GDE 700400928

Gauteng City College High School is fully accredited by the Gauteng Department of Education GDE 700400928. The South African high school education landscape is very rugged hence the need to relieve the pressure through independent school. We have as a School managed to help in enrolments and relieve the pressure from the Public schools with a well defined and modelled type of education. Our offer is enhanced by the extensive opportunities we are able to provide as a result of our enviable location in the heart of Johannesburg and the partnerships we have developed with Gauteng Department of Eeducational.

The Gauteng Department of Education's vision includes smart service delivery of quality public education, to promote a dynamic citizenship for socioeconomic growth and development. It aims to be at the cutting edge of curriculum delivery, providing access to quality lifelong learning opportunities. The school is registered according the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Section 29 (3), that states that everyone has a right to establish Independent Educational Institutions. Section 45 (1) of the South African Schools Act states that: “Subject to this Act and any applicable provincial law, any person may, at his or her own cost, establish and maintain an Independent School. Gauteng City College High School offers a wealth of information about our vision for the future, the flourishing developments taking shape at our school and the many successes and achievements of our students. We are proud of our team of dedicated staff who provide an inspiring, structured and supportive learning environment, in which every student is challenged to realise their full potential and encouraged to be ambitious for their futures.